My name is Percy and I am a Scarlet Macaw.  I had a rough start in life.  Eventually I just accepted my fate.  Then suddenly in just one day, everything changed.  A family adopted me and a new journey began.  I am not the same bird I was back then.  I love my life and I hope that my story will be a source of inspiration.   To all parrots and parrot owners . . .  Never give up on each other.


Percy's Life Story

If you view My Story, you will likely come the conclusion that I was rescued and taught to fly.  The truth is that while Chris did help me find my wings, I also helped him find himself.  He now devotes his life to helping parrots and parrot owners and I am proud to have been his inspiration.

Becoming A Flock


Much like a child needs to feel like part of the family, a parrot needs to feel like part of a flock.  We are very intelligent creatures and need to engage with our flock mates.  Chris and his wife, Misty love working with parrots and parrot owners on important things like Recall Training, Target Training, addressing Behavior Issues, Bonding through Play Time and even Free Flight, and minimizing a parrot's fear of Grooming and Vet Visits.  Training is tailored to each owner and parrot because we are we all different.

Free Flight


Once a "relationship" is established, the possibilities are endless.  Parrots are majestic creatures  Earning the trust of a parrot is beautiful and rewarding.  And a human being will never forget how it feels to be loved by a parrot.  It is magical.

Click here for an example of just how awesome it can be.